A downloadable game for Windows

Plasmia is a top down shooter set in space in which you manipulate colored substance to eliminate your enemies and progress through the levels.

You assume a role of a space agent who's on a mission to save his homeplanet from takeover by alien forces who plan to build it into a planet-sized military plant. In order to eliminate enemies and traverse through the maze-like levels, you'll need to use the colored substance called "plasma." You can use it to destroy enemy ships, break barriers and open locked doors. But remember, ships of one color can only be damaged with plasma of the same color.

Fly through the maze of plasmian satellite station Astra that is infested with hordes of enemy troops and traps. Face the one who started it all.

Key features

  • Colorful gameplay
  • Unique boss battles
  • Level editor
  • Fully interactive world
  • Story of love and revenge


PLASMIA v.1.2.zip 138 MB